Annulment of an acquittal decision by the Supreme Court: Following our application to the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court annulled the decision of the Three-member Criminal Appeal Court of Thessaloniki which had acquitted the defendant of the crime of involuntary manslaughter:

“…The acquittal decision … has a lack of justification, which establishes the ground for appeal undrer article 510 par.1 item. D of the Criminal Procedure Code , when the facts, which were proven by the hearing and establish the non-existence of the objective and subjective nature of the crime, are not presented in it at all or are presented incompletely or in an unclear manner, or when the court does not justify with clarity and completeness because he was not convinced of the defendant’s guilt by the evidence specified in the minutes and which he took into account when forming his judgment about the facts (Coll. AP 1/2020, Col. AP 2/2019, All AP 2/2017, AP 901/2019)…”

Here is the whole decision in Greek.