Judicial success in the Supreme Court: The Supreme Court upheld our appeal on all grounds of appeal. Award of non-pecuniary compensation, additional compensation due to disability and for purposes of domestic help.

“…Following the substantive acceptance of the first, second and third grounds of appeal, the contested decision must be set aside and the case must be referred back to the Court which adopted the contested decision, which will be constituted by another Judge (Art. 580 par. 3 of the Code of Civil Procedure), in the part which concerns the chapter of the additional special compensation of article 931 of the Civil Code, the financial satisfaction due to moral damage and the compensation for fictitious remuneration of a domestic helper-therapist of article 930 par. 3 of the Civil Code, for the period from 15-4-2012 until the bringing of the lawsuit…”

Here is the whole decision in Greek.